Ultrafast Dynamics Lab @ ShanghaiTech

I. Ulilizting femtosecond TR-MOKE and Ultrafast X-ray Diffraction for the studies of photon-induced dynamics in magnetic materials.

II. Developing novel table-top femtosecond hard x-ray sources.


Contact Info

Dr. Runze Li
SPST 4#111, ShanghaiTech University
393 Middle Huaxia Rd., Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park,
Pudong New District, Shanghai 201210, China.

Tel: +86-21-2068 4644

We welcome postdoctoral research associates and Ph.D. program applicants who wish to join the ultrafast lab and enjoy the journey on ultrafast sciences. Self-motivation, curiosity for the unknown, integrity, and courage are highly appreciated characteristics. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you feel interested in any of our research projects.

We also provide opportunities for Undergraduates. Particularly, for SPST students, you may earn extra course credits by doing research at the ultrafast lab. Consulting the Undergraduate Office for more information.

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